Hello, my name is Edit and I have been doing massage therapies since 2009.

I have worked with energy all my life. I have been practicing Aikido since 1997. Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art, often translated as "the way of unifying life energy" or as "the way of harmonious spirit". I have learned Shinkendo for one year and Jeet Kune Do for half a year. I am an Aikido instructor with 2 dan and I have trained children and adults too.

I was a teacher assistant in the First Hungarian Macrobiotic Institute. Later I helped with people who were suffering from cancer in America, Switzerland and Hungary with the macrobiotic healing diet and life care.

I started my studies with reflexology-based refreshing foot massage, after I learned traditional Thai massage and alternative lymph massage. Then I went to learn shiatsu in the International Shiatsu School and Tone Shiatsu & Bodywork School. I have helped many people in Hungary who suffered from low back pain, sciatica, muscle stiffness, incorrect posture and menstrual pain. I moved to England in 2016.

My treatments have become more complex over time. I try to use the treatments that I have learned separately on my clients but some of the patients needed to use more treatments at the same time.

I am very grateful because of the fact I can help people to find peace and balance. In the future I would like to help lot more people to find the balance between their body and soul.

Edit Farkas